“Three years ago Dr. Tucker treated me for intense pain in my head, neck and shoulder. On a scale of pain from 1 to 10, I was in continual level 8 pain. I now only experience occasional discomfort on a level less than 1. I no longer need to have treatments as often and my quality of life is amazingly improved thanks to Dr. Tucker’s expertise and skill. He has also taught me ways to improve my posture so that I keep my body in optimum alignment. I can really feel the difference. Thank you Dr. Tucker!”

Andrea O.

Until I met Dr. Tucker, I was skeptical of the benefits of chiropractic care. I like that the actuator tool and techniques he uses can adjust the exact area that needs treatment, providing immediate relief. There are no sudden drops or loud popping noises from the neck or spine as in conventional chiropractic treatments. Dr. Tucker is genuinely caring about healing, recommends stretches and at home treatments, and provides a short relaxing massage at the end of each session. I recommend his services!

Kim F.

Like so many people, I was brought up to believe that chiropractors were quacks. This changed on a trip to Canada many years ago where I had so much back pain, I couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours at a time. The MD wanted to give me drugs and suggested surgery. A friend sent me to a chiropracter. One visit got rid of the pain! I have now been to over 20 different chiropractors in the last 35 years. Dr. Tucker is one of the top two. He is the most ethical, kind and caring doctors I’ve ever seen. I come from Napa just to be treated by him.

David M.

Dr. Tucker is really interested in his patients health & well being. He uses a gentle adjustment technique that is safe and effective. Great for those new to chiropractic and great for those looking for results. His office is easily accessible near downtown and near the SRJC with plenty of parking. Dr. Tucker also gives extra attention to each patients neck & shoulder region by loosening tense muscles via massage and stretching. He will also teach you stretching techniques to do at home.

Linda S.

“My husband & I went to Dr. Tucker for years. If we still lived in the area, we would still rely on him for our care. He’s wonderful and you can trust him to care for your family!”

Sandy H.

“Dr. Casey Tucker provides professional, gentle, and effective chiropractic care. He is genuinely concerned about his patients’ well-being, keeps abreast of the latest techniques and research, and encourages his patients to care for themselves beyond office treatments. I always refer him to my clients and friends.”

Patrick F.

“I have received adjustments from Dr. Tucker many times in the past year. What I enjoy most is that his excellent work is accompanied by a very calm, knowledgeable manner and a wonderfully dry sense of humor. He also strikes me as a person of great integrity.”

Katrina M.

“He is very nice and gentle.  Both my husband and I have used Tucker Chiropractic and are happy with the services received.”

Karla M.

“I like the method he uses. I don’t feel stressed when he is about to adjust me.  I also like him as a person.”

Susan E.

“I will follow him to the end of the earth.  I was barely able to walk a couple of years ago.  His treatments have made me unbelievably better.”

Linda B.